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Polyglot Radio Jock is a radio automation software program for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 95.
Unlike other radio automation software programs, Polyglot Radio Jock is a complete solution, with the ability to program radio stations, record jingles, include text-to-speech support for presentations etc. It is designed to be a fully featured and stable radio automation and speech synthesis program.
Program Features:
■ Programming of radio stations by selecting and adding songs, jingles, ads and spoken-comments.
■ Programming of stations in a very large variety of ways: based on general attributes, or a user-defined list of songs, or based on the Time of the Day (TOD).
■ Programming of any given song to start or stop, to go to the next song or go on to another station, etc.
■ Programming of cross-fade times and overlap times
■ Programming of a list of songs in a list (or „clock“)
■ Programming of any list (clock) so that only the songs in that list are played.
■ Recording of jingles by defining their start time, length, ending time and ending pitch (tempo).
■ Recording of id’s.
■ Sound-card pre-listening (speaker on, soundcard on, on a delay, and even playing silence)
■ Sound-card for Public Address (PA) usage.
■ Automatic switching to another channel or station when the end of a song is reached.
■ ID3 tags
■ Sound-card for pre-listening and cueing.
■ Cross-fade and overlap times are programmable.
■ Programable Cue-lines, if multiple soundcards are used, to play a mix of songs (or jingles or id’s or whatever)
■ Swapping of any of the soundcards (or playing silence) when the soundcard that is presently playing stops.
■ Command line support of ID3 tags, where an ID3 tag filename can be set in the configuration, and sent to the soundcard for decoding.
■ Voice-morphing between different languages.
■ Voice-morphing for any song, from any language, between different languages.
■ List

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This is a full featured radio automation application that lets you mix up to thousands of songs to play in Automatic Mode, exactly the way you want.
It includes Text-To-Speech support (Microsoft SAPI4) that will allow you to program spoken comments, such as song and artist presentations, of already played songs as well as songs coming up. The synthesized voices, that can be mixed from several languages, can also give time and date in a natural fashion, tell jokes or any other custum message. You can mix songs, jingles, ads, id’s and spoken comments etc in many fashions, that you customize yourself to your own liking. You can program thousands of songs to play in Automatic Mode, exactly the way you want, in the order you want. This can be done either in a general way, based on different attributes set for each song and for any user-defined timeslot, or you can make any number of play lists or „clocks“ for any hour of the week, or a combination of both. Cross-fade/overlap times can be programmed generally or individually etc. You can insert ads, jingles, id’s, etc. at any given time and/or on a rotation basis. Ads will be forced to play even in Manual Mode, without interrupting the song that is playing, nor the DJ presentation. A „song“, „ad“ etc. can be any sound file, in a huge variety of formats, such as mp3, mp2, mp1, wma, wav, cda, mid, mod, au, aiff, snd, ogg etc. The database supports ID3 tags, versions 1, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. You can manage various settings and database profiles, which you can save to and load from a disk drive or a floppy or other medium. This makes it easy to administrate the lists and settings remotely, with or without a network connection! All movements can be logged to tab-limited text-files, which can be easily viewed in any spreadsheet application. You can also export the song-list to a tab-limited text-file for viewing in a spreadsheet application. The user interface can be set to secure mode, that is, you can block the normal user from making any modifications to the configuration, or enter in the general Windows surrounding. The administrator can, in this case, enter with a password in order to

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■ Global time and date setting (into the future), setting of the automatic date and time, and setting of the local time.
■ Advanced automations.
■ Alarm clock.
■ Advanced mixer and jingles editor.
■ Advanced list maker and song-ad-synthesis machine.
■ ID3 editor.
■ Option to force silence on ID3 and mp3 file or on a particular song.
■ Loopback detection for ID3.
■ Song name and artist name fields.
■ Ability to save and load the lists to and from the hard disk.
■ Ability to automatically load a list from a floppy or the hard disk.
■ Crossfade and crossfade direction controls.
■ Removable lists.
■ Crossfade times can be individually defined for each song.
■ Song, ID3 and mp3-format support.
■ MP3 file name and file format support.
■ Cover-art picture support.
■ In-situ file search support.
■ Files can be imported from a floppy or the hard disk.
■ All major playlist formats are supported.
■ Many colors to choose from.
■ Stand-alone nature.
■ Write to text files (one or more).
■ Ability to use the entire screen or only a portion of the screen to display the application window.
■ Able to speak before starting the song.
■ Included with a 96-bit Encoder and Decoder, supports compression of your files, with or without the lame library.
■ Will play even if you only have a single sound card.
■ Able to be used for a radio station, for a casino or a school or a church or any other kind of venue.
■ Fully compatible with Internet radio-programming software.
■ Compatible with different (lower) sound card sample rates.
■ Audio and video enabled.
■ Plays both mp3, cda, mid, wav and other audio formats.
■ Plays mp3 and mp2 files as long as they don’t have more than 20MB.
■ Automatic, manual, and automatic full-screen mode

What’s New In?

Polyglot Radio Jock is a DJ automation application. A DJ automation application is a program that allows you to play music based on your preferences and is generally used in radio stations and disc jockeys. This allows you to select a song or a jingle, a group of songs, and play it at a given time. The song or jingle can be programmed in different forms, in one of two different modes: List mode and Automatic mode. This allows you to program thousands of songs, and play them on a list in a continuous sequence. The Automatic mode has no limit, so you can program all your songs in a continuous sequence. In this mode, you can also add songs that are coming up in the list in a certain order.
Polyglot Radio Jock is a DJ automation application that allows you to program thousands of songs, and play them on a list in a continuous sequence. The Automatic mode has no limit, so you can program all your songs in a continuous sequence. In this mode, you can also add songs that are coming up in a certain order. You can mix multiple songs and jingles in a list, by selecting one song, and play it several times with an id, then select another song and so on. To finish the presentation you can select the song or jingle you want to play, and it plays for the time you have chosen. Polyglot Radio Jock has the ability to play Text-To-Speech (TTS) comments for any song being played, if a TTS engine is installed. You can combine the TTS comments with your own comments, and play them any time you wish. In the list mode, when your song is played, it plays for the amount of time you choose. You can also change the order of the song to the order you want.
The TTS engine installed with Polyglot Radio Jock is the one that comes with Windows. You don’t need to install any other TTS engine, since this one includes a lot of them. You have many choices for the TTS engine installed with Polyglot Radio Jock, including: Windows, SAPI4, SAPI5, TTS2003 (ATT), TTS2007 (ATT), TTS2003 (L&H), TTS2007 (L&H), Microsoft SAPI5, Microsoft SAPI5 with pre-processing, Lernout & Hauspie and other.
Polyglot Radio Jock has a simple and easy to use interface, and you can also save and load configuration files to or from a floppy. To help in saving configuration files, it has a configuration manager, that allows you to choose from a list of options, the options to save to a configuration file.
Polyglot Radio Jock also has a powerful configuration and database manager, that allows you to add, edit and delete configuration files and database files, in order to configure your application

System Requirements:

*Specifies a size range of inputs for which this feature is supported.*All numerical inputs must have a value in the range of 1 to 100*A positive or negative number, optionally followed by a decimal point, followed by two digits, must be provided.*Zero length strings are also allowed.*The user may enter these strings as a single space-delimited input or as multiple tokens.*Note: It is not possible to use a plus (+) sign in place of the decimal point (i.e. 1.0 + 1.1).*No other punctuation characters are