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Pipy [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

The author has created a small utility that helps to search for the items on the computer or online. All the tools that you want to find files, images, videos, etc.

Now you can use the preview to find the files or the content that you are looking for, without losing time searching them in Windows Explorer. Simply use the search tool, type the part of the file or the search string you need and you’ll have the results without opening the explorer, wasting time and lost productivity.

What’s New


*Added a toggle to enable or disable the „Show contents“ preview.

*Added a new option to install Pipy Torrent Download as an „always-on“ tray app.

*Some updates to the settings screen.

*Added a new layout for the settings screen.

*Added an option to configure custom hotkeys.

*Added an option to configure automatic search.

*Added an option to enable/disable offline search.

*Added an option to configure auto-minimize/maximize of the search icon.

*Added an option to customize the icon theme of the search icon.

*Added an option to configure the background color of the search icon.

*Added an option to change the search box color of the search icon.

*Added an option to change the size of the search bar.

*Added an option to configure the „Items per page“ for the search bar.

*Added an option to configure a „default“ search engine.

*Added an option to configure the number of search engines used.

*Added an option to configure the search engines to search for.

*Added an option to configure „always-on“ mode.

*Added an option to enable/disable the search icon.

*Added an option to activate/deactivate the „Show contents“ preview.

*Added an option to configure the search icon transparency.

*Added an option to configure the search bar transparency.

*Added an option to activate/deactivate the fast search.

*Added an option to minimize/maximize the search icon.

*Added an option to configure a „default“ hotkey.

*Added an option to configure a „primary“ hotkey.

*Added an option to configure a „secondary“ hotkey.


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*Keymacro is a powerful macro recorder. You can record hotkeys and mouse moves.
* Record the Windows keyboard press (with mouse move if necessary).
* Record the most useful hotkeys in all program and taskbar.
* Stop your recording at any time.
* Remaining time and mouse move data are shown in the status bar.
* No program is required to be installed.
* Compatible with all versions of Windows and other OS.

AURORA is a fast, easy-to-use tool that can backup and restore your complete Windows system. It lets you back up your entire system to an external hard disk or a CD/DVD, creating one or more complete images of your Windows installation. This makes it easy to revert to any previous state, including complete system rebuilds. You can also use it to perform a differential or incremental backup, making a backup of just the files that have changed since your last backup.
All of the backup features are accessible through a straightforward wizard, with the options for how much data you want to store, how many backups you want to keep, what folder/file structure to use, and how you want to store your backup images. The backup files are stored in a simple, but easy-to-use archive folder.
Among the many other features are the ability to restore your backups on a clean installation of Windows, and the option to replace any files that get overwritten by backups with the ones in the backup images.
AURORA lets you manually start/stop backups at any time, without interfering with any running programs. You can also view the progress of the operation, and check if the backed-up files are correct.
Please check out the manual at for more details on the feature set. AURORA is included free of charge, but you can also buy the full version, which adds various tools for power users.
* Backup and restore Windows (and most other operating systems)
* Easy-to-use wizard
* Restore any of your backups
* Manual backups can be started/stopped whenever you want
* File and folder structure of backups can be specified
* Overwrite files overwritten by backups
* Option to show backup file size in the backup wizard (no more disk space usage by zip files!)
* Shorter time to complete backup when starting

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A lightweight, easy-to-use tool to help you find files and web addresses on your PC.

The ultimate way to download your favorite movies, TV shows, music, anime, and more to your PC. Watch clips, share them, or download in high quality for free.
Note: Playback content from ‚Watch Later‘ list requires a paid account.

A lightweight, easy-to-use tool to help you find files and web addresses on your PC. Watch clips, share them, or download in high quality for free.
Note: Playback content from ‚Watch Later‘ list requires a paid account.

Pixelmator X 10.0

More than a graphics editor, Pixelmator’s ‚X‘ offers a whole lot more.

Let’s face it, working with bitmaps can be pretty tedious. Their flat color palettes and poor RGB-to-CMYK support can leave even the most seasoned artist flustered. That’s where Pixelmator’s ‚X‘ comes in. This new creative tool offers the same intuitive workflow that has made Pixelmator the industry standard, but with a new visual style that improves color accuracy, editing tools that fit the user’s style, and true RGB-to-CMYK support.
Pixelmator X includes new tools like the Magic Wand, Patch Tool, Magic Brush, Filters, and Touch-Up Brushes, and makes the toolbox items easier to use. New Photo Filters include some of the best available in a Photoshop-like interface that lets users control all the important settings. There are plenty of enhancements for raster graphics editing in addition to vector, including new Mask, Levels, Curves, and Image Corrections features.
It’s all about choices
Pixelmator’s ‚X‘ extends the visual style to a new standard. Color accuracy is among the best available today, with a new CMYK mode that’s accurate and easy to use. In addition to its powerful filters, the new interactive canvas allows users to quickly and easily make fine adjustments, and apply tools with great efficiency. Pixelmator’s powerful raster graphics tools offer creative users more power and flexibility, with new working spaces for quick color edits, powerful selection tools, and improved ways to work with layers.
There’s nothing between you and the screen
With a new 3D-like visual style and a wider palette of tools, Pixelmator’s ‚X‘ looks and feels like a high-end

What’s New in the?

Pipy is a handy search application that only takes a little time before it’s ready to use. It’s no MacOS X Spotlight, but it has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. It adds a new tray icon, but can also be configured to stay hidden until it’s used. It also has a customized option to make it appear on the desktop, with a customizable bar of search results. It does a nice job of remembering searches, and can integrate with multiple search engines. A few last words: Pipy is a useful search tool that quietly sits in the tray area. It’s easily brought up through hotkeys, enabling you to almost instantly find files on your computer, but also look up stuff online. It comes in a lightweight package, can be visually tweaked, and individuals of all levels of experience quickly get the hang of things because of the intuitive design.
More Software Like Pipy

Install Nik Collection – Windows Search is a great application which helps you to easily find your files and run a quick search across your hard drive and the internet. Not only can you do this, but Nik Collection – Windows Search lets you create bookmarks for other files and locations, and add them to the search results.

While Windows Search does a good job of finding what you are looking for, it doesn’t really provide an easy way to make it easy to find when you don’t know where to look. That’s where the My Files – Find files directory in Windows, and the corresponding desktop search bar in Windows 7 and Windows 8 comes into play.

The Find files directory in Windows is a hidden folder which makes it easy to set up and use. Once you have it in place, you will be able to use it to find and sort through all of the files on your computer, or at least everything except the C:\ drive. The C:\ drive is a special type of drive that provides an extra layer of security, and is not included in the search results, so you don’t have to worry about it being accidentally included in the search.

If you already have the Find files folder setup, it’s as easy as right-clicking on the top of the file listing in Windows Explorer, and selecting Open in Finder. Once the folder is opened, you can then add more files and folders by clicking on the + button and selecting the file or folder you want to add. Once added, it will be displayed in the list.

This is a very handy tool if you need to find a file or directory, or you want to create a bookmark. You can add multiple folders and files, but you cannot add multiple folders, so you will have to repeat the process if you need to add more than one.

One thing that you will want to be aware of is that the folders in the directory are not indexed, so they are only found by searching for the name of the folder

System Requirements For Pipy:

CPU: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: Core i3
Additional Notes:
The game uses a plugin system. In order to use it, you need to install the game engine and the audio plugin in any Windows folder where your game files are located (for example in: „C:/Program Files/BigTree“). Click the „Play Game“ button and