It is a well-known fact that websites use trackers to log the users’ browsing habits and their online activity. If you are curious enough to look in the browser’s address bar from time to time, you will surely stumble upon a very long link, most of which consists of tracking elements.
There are various parameters (e.g. UTM) in the URL that are there only to collect data, as they are not necessary for the website in question to be displayed correctly. Therefore, they can be removed from the URL and one of the easiest ways to do so is by using the ClearURLs extension for Chrome.
Automatically cleans URLs in the background 
Once installed in the browser, ClearURLs displays its icon in the toolbar section, allowing you to open up its popup window to see its activity statistics. The power of ClearURLs comes from the large number of rules (over 250) it uses to determine tracking elements in a URL. It does its job in the background, without user intervention, cleaning the links in the address bar as you access them.
Removes tracking elements and blocks tracking attempts 
ClearURLs for Chrome removes middleman tracking services in URL redirections, thus allowing faster browsing and quicker redirection to the target page. It is capable of blocking hyperlink auditing (ping tracking) attempts and it does prevent tracking injection over history.
As far as search engines are concerned, ClearURLs blocks the actions of Google and Yandex when trying to include tracking elements in their search results. Additionally, it blocks tracking injections over history API and it can optionally filter ETag headers. Moreover, you can configure it to block links with referrals.
Privacy-oriented extension for Chrome 
The purpose of ClearURLs is to protect your privacy and make sure attempts to trace your Internet activity are blocked. Aside from its background actions, the extension comes with a built-in batch URL cleaner and integration in Chrome’s context menu to allow the quick manipulation of links.


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ClearURLs For Chrome 6.001.11 Crack + For Windows [Updated]

ClearURLs is an extension for Chrome which is very easy to use. It uses over 250 regular expressions, developed by developers from various security and tech groups, to analyze the source code of the URLs being loaded in the browser. It checks the code of every page that is opened in the browser, and removes the elements that are not necessary for the page to display correctly. This makes the pages load faster, and prevents tracking of the user. The extension can block tracking attempts over history API, and will search for such elements in the pages themselves.

It can prevent visits to your site from Google (Incognito Mode), and block tracking attempts from Facebook and Twitter.
The extension also can block following elements in a URL:

Regex used: ([a-z]+)\.[a-z]{2,4}\.[a-z]{2}\/(?P[a-z0-9]+)(?:\/(\d+))?

$1: Domain of the page
$2: Page ID

Just keep in mind that this regex may or may not catch every possible tracking element in a URL. This regex only catches URL redirects which use JavaScripts, so it should be good enough for most of the cases.

Vega is a browser extension made by Citrix to redirect to Citrix-powered apps and websites from Chrome’s URL bar. It can also be used to make WebKit-powered browsers such as Safari automatically open Citrix apps or URLs.
Vega for Chrome Description:
Vega is a browser extension which changes the search bar to Citrix platform.It helps in quickly launching the various apps on the Citrix platform.
The extension adds a Citrix logo to the search bar and the search bar is made available when you click it.
You can customize it so that it searches for apps, services, device management, settings, etc.,
The extension adds the Citrix logo to the search bar. This is not supported on Safari and Firefox.
I strongly recommend to try out this extension before buying it. It is free, and free is always good :)

This extension makes the search bar of Chrome responsive and customizable. The most interesting part is the addition of Citrix apps to it. To add Citrix apps, go to Tools -> Citrix Extension Manager -> Add Citrix Apps.


UPDATED – I’ve added a little more code to show you how to use the

ClearURLs For Chrome 6.001.11 Crack+

ClearURLs is a Google Chrome extension that automatically cleans URLs to protect your privacy.
What’s New:
New features that improve the user experience, such as the ability to block specific referrers on links, improved defaults for new users, and support for the newest extensions.
How to Install:
This extension is designed to work with the Chrome web store. You need to sign up and set a PIN. You can do that by going to, click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner, and follow the steps to create your PIN.
Visit, click the “+” icon, and type “ClearURLs.”
You will be redirected to a new page with a list of the rules that you will be using to filter URLs. You can use the “Add New” link to add a new one or click on “Restore” to return to the list of existing rules.
Choose a name for the rule (e.g. “Clean the URLs”) and type the regular expression into the “Regular Expression” field.
Click “Save.”
You will be redirected back to the list of rules and you can now click the “Clear” link to start removing tracking elements from URLs.
Automatically cleans URLs in the background, without user intervention.
Remove tracking elements and blocks tracking attempts.
Privacy-oriented extension for Chrome.
Manage filters using the built-in batch URL cleaner.
Integrates with Chrome’s context menu.
See the active rules and history on the site.
Options that allow to remove specific referrers on links, block ping tracking on specific domains, to add or remove generic referrers from the block list, and more.
ClearURLs: Clean the URLs Extension for Chrome is a privacy-oriented extension for Google Chrome that removes the middlemen tracking services in redirections and stops tracking injections over history API.
This extension is designed to protect your privacy and make sure attempts to trace your Internet activity are blocked.
Support for filtering by referer (optional), generic referrer blacklist (optional), removing ETags (optional), adding or removing general referrers on links, and more.
The extension removes middlemen tracking services in URL redirections, thus allowing faster browsing and quicker redirection to the target page.
It is capable

ClearURLs For Chrome 6.001.11 Crack Activation Key [32|64bit] Latest

# Unblock tracking  > Clear all trackers > Automatically remove trackers from the address bar
# Update links in the browser > Inject cleaning and privacy-enhancing features
# Optimize browsing by removing trackers > A faster, private, and safer browsing
# Configure and clean your search engine results > Avoid the tricks of tracking services
# Easy access to privacy controls > Protect your browser’s settings
# Schedule updates > Speed up cleaning and block history hacking
# Save time > Clean links in the background
# Customize the cleaning level > Set the desired cleaning level
# Manage trackers > See the list of trackers from a specific website
# In-depth help > See detailed information about the extension
# Free and open-source > Free and open-source project
– Tiny fix to prevent some links to no longer be cleaned
– Minor bug fixes
– Added settings for the history API and other changes
More than 5 million downloads and growing
Over 25 years of development for Chrome

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Since this is an official release, I’ll remove this post.


I’ve just noticed that some plugins don’t work anymore. This might be because of the change in the API. I’ll have to investigate this later.

hi guys, I’m just testing this extension to see if it works correctly, so far I can’t see any change, I’m going to be installing it and I’ll be back to inform you.


How did you try to clean a domain? I can’t see any change with any of the extension. When I go to it doesn’t show any red flag on the address bar. This is the first one you posted on the first page.

I think it worked for you because you cleaned it after installing the extension. Try it before that.

@Evpok: I tried to remove the Google Analytics tag from my site.

@korn_es_9: As a developer, you can try it yourself:
* Go to the Google Analytics page of your website.
* Copy the code and paste it in the console.

What’s New in the?

ClearURLs is a privacy-oriented extension for Chrome. It removes tracking elements in URLs, it block tracking attempts and it removes tracking API from webpages. It is capable of cleaning up the links in the address bar, prevents redirection attempts and blocks tracking ping attempts. It can also protect your browsing activity against attempts to fingerprint you over JavaScript APIs.
This privacy-oriented extension is compatible with both Chrome and Opera browsers and is a lightweight add-on, compatible with both 32 and 64-bit systems. It runs smoothly on Windows, macOS and Linux.
What can ClearURLs do for you?
ClearURLs allows you to remove tracking elements from the address bar. It blocks audit services (ping and referer tracking), prevent redirection attempts and blocks tracking API injections. It can also block links with trackers.
As far as search engines are concerned, it can block your IP address in the search results, and you can configure it to do the same with ETag.
Also, it can remove Internet Referrer headers from HTTP requests and it cleans links in the address bar.
In terms of security, the extension is not fully compatible with sandboxed environments (i.e. if you run a containerized web browser).
To learn more about the extension, see the FAQs and learn how to remove tracking elements from your Chrome browser’s address bar.
What’s New
– The base URL can now be defined as a folder "/path/to/site" or as an absolute " URL

Attention! This is a beta version of the extension, so it can have a few bugs and inconveniences, but the main idea is well implemented and it should get better with time!
WordPress/Woocommerce/SEO stuff  
As you see, the extension works from the inside. It will firstly find the trackers in the URL and then will make sure it cleans all of them (in the background).
It’s very easy to use, just go to your theme/plugin options (Appearance > Options in the admin panel) and enter the address of the site that you want to protect from tracking. Choose the folders that you want to protect and the extension will apply all necessary filters in the same folder.
You can visit the extension’s wiki page to get more info about the extension’s features.
If you are using a Joomla or WordPress website, you don’t need to do anything, just install the extension and select the profile that you want to protect.
The extension’s settings are displayed when you click on the icon in the toolbar (3 dots).

System Requirements For ClearURLs For Chrome:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit versions only)
Windows Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit versions only) CPU: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 or AMD Phenom II X4 965
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 or AMD Phenom II X4 965 Memory: 4GB RAM
4GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 335/AMD Radeon HD 3870 or better
Nvidia GeForce GT 335/AMD Radeon HD 38